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Is it ok to use my system if I have not had my Spring/Fall tune up yet?
Yes, it is perfectly fine to use your central system before you have your pre-season tune up and inspection[/expand]


If my outdoor unit freezes up (I see ice on the coils)…what should I do?
Please turn the unit off so that the ice can melt and Call Reliable. Our technicians don’t need to see the ice, and we can’t work on the system until the coil is thawed out. Also, please check the indoor filter at the return grille, a clogged filter can restrict air-flow and cause the indoor unit to freeze up sometimes.


Is it ok to close several of my vents if Im not using those rooms?
While it wont hurt the system to close one or two supply vents, it WILL HURT the system if you close over 25% of your outlets… we do not suggest that you close them at all.


If my thermostat is blank, what should I do?

  • Check the breakers and fuses
  • Check the condensate pan and drain line for possible clogged line
  • Check the batteries in the thermostat



There is freezing rain and sleet! What should I do?
Turn the thermostat to emergency heat until the freezing precipitation is gone…The freezing precip is likely to cause your outdoor unit to freeze over if it is a heat pump.


I see a big puff of steam/smoke coming out of the top of my outdoor unit! Is this normal?
If you have a heat pump, than this is most likely the outdoor defrost cycle, it is perfectly normal.


I smell smoke!
If this is the first time of the season that you have used your heat, than it is probably ok, it could just be the dust burning off of your heat strips or heat exchanger. If you are worried, or if the odor persists, call Reliable.

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